Range Tool Link With Dynamic Map?


I’m trying to use a RangeToolLink with a Dynamic Map. I’ve tried a lot of approaches, but here is what I currently have: https://gist.github.com/scj7t4/e804a4bbb6fda5a54589ecd915be54a5

Ultimately, I am trying to make it so that I can choose a set of stock symbols with a CheckboxGroup widget and display their prices, overlaid on top of each other in the same graph. I would also like to be able to use a RangeToolLink to show where a user is in the overall price history when they zoom in on a section in the main window.

I can take my DynamicMap function and call it directly and everything works as expected, I get the two plots and the smaller one is linked to the larger one. However, if I try to use a DynamicMap, the plots appear but are not linked.

Is this a bug? Is there a way to make this work?

I figured it out, here is the working version: https://gist.github.com/scj7t4/88cf9f41b301e119b98c41088e522dea

For posterity:

I had the DynamicMap return an overlay of all the signals I wanted to show. I then made placeholder curves so the RangeToolLink would work (per https://stackoverflow.com/questions/57755227/how-to-use-rangetoollink-with-holoviews-in-an-overlayed-plot) and made Overlays that combined the Dynamic Map with the placeholder curves. I then collated the overlays to make Holoviews happy. I had to play around with relabel’ing various things and had to set the height multiple times to get everything to display how I wanted.