Rasterize trimesh with updated values

I am trying to improve the performance of a trimesh rendering as a dynamic Map

trimesh = hv.TriMesh((elems, hv_pts)).redim.range(salt=salt_range).redim.range(x=x_range,y=y_range)
rastertri=rasterize(trimesh, dynamic=True, precompute=True)
plot= rastertri.opts(cmap='rainbow',width=600,height=600)

This works great and the returned DynamicMap works well with zoom in/pan. However I want to provide a control for changing the “salt” value dimension by directly manipulating the trimesh.

I think a more efficient way would be do that by setting the value dimension of the object directly (Maybe you can suggest a better way)

trimesh.nodes.data.salt = new_salt_value_array

Even though the above changes the underlying trimesh data, it doesn’t render in the DynamicMap being returned by rasterize. What am I missing?