ReactiveHTML as a layout

Was wondering if it was possible to reference panel objects in the ReactiveHTML._template?
Like in standard templates using the embed function

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I have discussed this with Philipp and believe I’ve seen this in action. But I don’t have a reference example. And it’s not in the docs. Custom Components — Panel 0.12.0rc8 documentation (

But I think you can just try out if it works.

For the record this seems to work:

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This looks so promissing @xavArtley . I’m looking so much forward to what the community can and will use this for. And if we will see a lot of “home grown” components created for Panel.

On question for @philippjfr . Would building larger layouts from this be slow due to the Bokeh layout engine? Or did you find a way to overcome this?

No, in fact ReactiveHTML bypasses the layout engine (if it can), i.e. if you add a ReactiveHTML based layout as a root to a document it completely avoids invoking the layout engine.

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