ReactiveHTML event target changes in v1

I had a reactiveHTML table in panel v0.13 that worked pretty well with a number of js scripts that relied on the target of various events. For instance the focus callback would rely on the target of the focus event.

I’m working on updating to Panel v1.2.1 (and Bokeh 3.2.1) and it seems like the behavior of the events has changed. Where i used to get the relevant table cell as the target of a focus event, i now get div.bk-panel-models-tabs-Tabs.tabs-left.bk-left which is the container several levels up from the table cell I’m interested in.

I assume this is due to a change in Bokeh 3, but i haven’t had any luck finding info on how or why it changed and how to get back to getting the more specific target of the focus event. Any suggestions?
Thanks for the help.

I’ve convinced myself this is a bug related to the shadow DOM so I’ve started an issue on github.