Rotate image

Hi everyone,

I am trying to rotate png image in Panel. I have a background image on which I am overlaying another image using margin. I want to rotate this overlaid image. My overlaid image is the image of a line.
So I have a simple horizontal line but I want inclined line at some angle. Is there any way to do that?

import panel as pn

img_path = ‘Image 47.png’
line_path = ‘Line2.png’

hori_line = pn.pane.PNG(line_path, width=360, height=5, sizing_mode=‘fixed’, margin=(-80, 0, 0, 0))
img_pane = pn.pane.PNG(img_path, width=350, height=250, sizing_mode=‘fixed’)

app=pn.Column(img_pane, hori_line)

With horizontal line, I get the following image:

I want this line (see pic above) to be inclined at some angle on the image

Below is the background image and the image to be rotated for reference.