Sanpellegrino label moiré

Hi there,

Last year I participated in a deepnote notebook competition (and I won).

I completely forgot to advertise for it here though it owes a lot to hvplot and holoviews for simplifying the plotting part (and the cognitive load).
Here is the published static version and here is the reproducible notebook with the label data.

Notice that the deepnote notebook is a custom one so some things I expected to work did not. So I had to use this little hack to display holoviews plot.

from IPython.core.display import display, HTML
from io import StringIO
import holoviews as hv

def show(h):
    f = StringIO()
    hv.renderer('bokeh').save(h,f,fmt = 'html')

Wow that’s a super cool example and very interesting read, thanks for sharing it and congrats for the win! Now when I’ll drink a San P I’ll see it in a different way :upside_down_face: