Serve panel and embed it into a Javascript framework (ReactJS for exemple)

what is the simplest way to embed a Panel app into a framework.

servable() function serve all the html when I just need script part.

I did it for django (it was when Bokeh was at version 0.X :slight_smile: )

The only way I see is to:
-> Accessing the Bokeh model Deploy and export panel

-> Embed it like explained here with compnents function:

If we can request either the full application or just the component it would be great. Any idea to “stay” in panel is welcome :slight_smile:

To be totally clear you just want to embed a static plot? In that case the approach shown in that bokeh example should work just fine, you just need to call panel_obj.get_root() which will return you the Bokeh model which you can then call json_item on.

I need to serve it dynamically.
I have interaction with ohter react component.

Sorry if I wasn’t clear, so to ask another way, do you need a live Python server backing your app?

I have python calculation on server side.

I see that there is a project base on Angular.

I will test it.

I tried with React and install bokehjs with npm

But the module is not found with this line.

import * as Bokehjs from ‘bokehjs’;

I am still digging :slight_smile: