Showcase a Dashboard in Panel

Hey Guys,

So i’ve been checking out the Pandas Profiling app made by @Marc, in that he uses html.escape(html_report) #where html_report -> is nothing but the dashboard output of pandas profiling library, I am trying to output a dashboard of similar kind for Interpretability of ML model purpose, and the object file when I am giving to the html.escape(html_report) , it says AttributeError: ErrorAnalysisDashboard has no attribute 'replace' #this is when i try to showcase the output of the dashboard

Following is the code :

pn.extension(loading_spinner='dots', loading_color='#00aa41', sizing_mode="stretch_width")
EMPTY_HTML_REPORT = "<p>Query the data and select pickle file to generate Interpretability report</p>"
HTML_CREATING_REPORT = "<p>Creating Report ...</p>"
HTML_TEXT_MISSING = "<p>Please Enter the SQL Query ...</p>"
HTML_PICKLE_FILE = "<p>Please select a Pickle File ...</p>"

def queryFunc(query : str) -> pd.DataFrame():
   client = bigquery.Client(project="project_name")
   bqs_client = bigquery_storage.BigQueryReadClient()
   df = (client.query(query).result().to_dataframe(bqstorage_client=bqs_client))
   return df

def AIDashCreation(df, pickleFile):
   df = df[['dayofyear',
   df['fill_meth'] = df['fill_meth'].map(fill_meth_map)
   df['state_2'] = df['state_2'].map(state_mapper)
   model = pickle.loads(pickleFile)
   X = df.drop(columns='dlvr_days')
   y = df['dlvr_days'].values
   feature_names = list(X.columns)
   X = X.values
   X_train, X_test, y_train, y_test = train_test_split(X, y, test_size=0.3, random_state=0)
   # Train the LightGBM surrogate model using MimicExplaner
   model_task = ModelTask.Regression
   explainer = MimicExplainer(model, X_train, LGBMExplainableModel,
                              augment_data=True, max_num_of_augmentations=10,
                              features=feature_names, model_task=model_task)
   global_explanation = explainer.explain_global(X_test)
   return global_explanation, X_test, y_test

html_report_pane = pn.pane.HTML(EMPTY_HTML_REPORT, height=900, sizing_mode="stretch_both")

sqlWidget = pn.widgets.TextInput(name='Enter the SQL Query', 
                           value='', placeholder = 'Enter the SQL Query')
queryButtonErr = pn.widgets.Button(name="Query the results for Error Analysis Dashboard", 
                                  margin=(0, 32, 0, 57), button_type="primary")
queryButtonExp = pn.widgets.Button(name="Query the results for Explanability Dashboard", 
                                  margin=(0, 32, 0, 57), button_type="primary")
pickleFile = pn.widgets.FileInput(accept=".pkl")

layout = pn.Column(sqlWidget, pickleFile, pn.Row(queryButtonErr, queryButtonExp), html_report_pane)

def errorDashFunc(event):
   if sqlWidget.value and pickleFile.value:
       df = queryFunc(sqlWidget.value)
       html_report_pane.object = HTML_CREATING_REPORT
       globalExp, Xtest, ytest = AIDashCreation(df, pickleFile.value)
       model = pickle.loads(pickleFile.value)
       dashError = ErrorAnalysisDashboard(globalExp, model, dataset=Xtest, true_y=ytest,
       dashHTML = pn.pane.HTML((f"""<iframe srcdoc="{dashError}" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>"""), 
                               height=900, sizing_mode="stretch_both")
       layout[3] = dashHTML
   elif sqlWidget.value:
       html_report_pane.object = HTML_PICKLE_FILE
   elif pickleFile.value:
       html_report_pane.object = HTML_TEXT_MISSING
       html_report_pane.object = EMPTY_HTML_REPORT


   title="Explanability Page",
       "Demo for Querying your data and getting a dashboard for your model to better understand it",

Can someone tell me how to showcase the dashboard properly without any error please.