Support for image_url

I am interested in seeing support in holoviews for Bokeh´s image_url.

A great use case for this would be latent space visualization of image embeddings. I think it can be very powerful, specially in combination with the decimate operation and link_selections.

In the meantime I implemented a minimal working code by subclassing Points and PlotPoint which seems to be working relatively well. But I have an issues where I could use some help.

The code is in this gist

The issue I am having is that when i combine decimate with a layout including my image_url plot and I pan the plot outside the range of images, all images disappear, even when I pan back to the original range. There are no error messages.

This does not happens in normal layout (without decimate) nor when I use decimate alone (without combining plots in a layout).

My guess is that I need to override some other method that is computing ranges in some dynamical cases. But I am not sure what.

Does anybody have an idea of what I should try.