Symbolic expression with sliders

I got started with the HoloViz family yesterday.

I am trying to create a dashboard that has a filter and I want to update graphs based on these filtered values.
I can find examples to this point.

The catch is that I want to define symbolic expressions (using Sympy?) to create plots based on these filtered values

symbolic expression y = x*x
out of a series from a pandas dataframe that contains [1, 2, 3, … 9]
filtered values [2, 3, 4] (through a panel slider or other filters)
plot of the expression should range between x: [2,3,4] y range should be [4, 9, 16]
Since I need continuous values, I do need to use a symbolic expression instead of discretized values

Information found so far:
[This page](Supported object types and libraries · Issue #2 · holoviz/panel ( ) shows that panel supports Sympy expr.

I am trying to find an example of combining sympy, panel widgets (filters) and pandas.

My progress so far: