Tabulator multiline cell with ellipsis (...)

It is possible to have multiline text in a Tabulator cell. (via textarea)

Is there any way to set a max_height and abreviate long texts with ellipsis (…) ?

I know max_height isn’t available for the Tabulator widget but I’m not sure as to why. It sounds like a reasonable feature request.

abreviate long texts with ellipsis (…)

Is that a feature offered by the Tabulator Javascript library?

Use the ‘textarea’ built-in formatter to display multiline text, as explained in this post.

For as far as I know of, ellipsis text overflow is not available in the JS Tabulator. (built in formatters ‘textarea’)

If it’s not yet a feature of the JS Tabulator it’s even less likely it makes it to Panel :upside_down_face: What you try to do is first open a feature request on the Tabulator JS Github issue tracker, that explains your need and motivates it.