Text wrap for tabulator widget

Hello all,

How do I go about text wrap string in a tabulator column? I have tried different layout options but it didnt seems to work.

Do u have example code?

Tabulator is using the tabulator.js library, so maybe take a look there

for example here https://stackoverflow.com/questions/53854918/wrapping-text-in-tabulator-spreadsheet

it says about the textarea formatter http://tabulator.info/docs/4.0/format

Panel should support it Tabulator — Panel 0.11.3 documentation

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Thanks! I managed to get it to work by using

tabulator_formatters = { 'column_name': {'type': textarea'}} 
pn.widgets.Tabulator(df, formatters=tabulator_formatters)

Happy you made it @weichea . Thanks for sharing the solution. It will help others :+1:

Is there a way to apply text wrap for tabulator headers via tabulator widget? I have tried setting the tabulator widget css_classes with [’.tabulator .tabulator-header .tabulator-col .tabulator-col-content .tabulator-col-title {white-space: normal;}’], but that displays a blank pane.