UnicodeEncodeError ( 'utf-8' codec can't encode character '\udc73')

Hy folks,
I was trying to do the examples given at:
And I couldn´t plot the layout example. The error msg that was showed was:

UnicodeEncodeError [Call holoviews.ipython.show_traceback() for details]
‘utf-8’ codec can’t encode character ‘\udc73’ in position 1: surrogates not allowed

Someone can help me to resolve this?

Could you provide a minimal example that reproduces your issue?

Here is the example that I was trying (it came from the User Guide in the Holoview website):

points = hv.Points(np.random.rand(400, 4))
bins = [0, .25, 0.5, .75, 1]
labels = [‘circle’, ‘triangle’, ‘diamond’, ‘circle’]
layout= hv.Layout([
points.relabel(‘Alpha’).opts(alpha =dim(‘x’).norm()),
points.relabel(‘Angle’).opts(angle =dim(‘x’).norm()*360, marker=‘dash’),
points.relabel(‘Marker’).opts(marker=dim(‘x’).bin(bins, labels),

layout.opts(opts.Points(width=250, height=250, xaxis=None, yaxis=None)).cols(5)

I realized that the error is in the ‘points.relabel(‘Marker’)’ line above. Probably is in the ‘bin function’

Could you provide some version info? Particularly your Python version.

anaconda custom py37_1