Updated Part of panel column is not shown

Hi, I have read some similar posts but i didn’t get real answer appropriate for me.
In my pipeline i have 3 stages. The first one is login, second is input and third is correction what is saved in 2nd stage.
In Correction stage I would like

  1. according user name and other criteria to get data in pandas dataframe from SQL Server.
  2. To show this records through widgets (string, datepicker, …)
  3. User to check and eventually to make changes in the date or to delete specificr record
  4. To save changes back in SQL Server.

I succeed to get data from SQL, and dynamically add rows for each record and show data in specific Column named Kor_row (see left part of image 0). The problem is when i click on Radio Button Group is shown another dropdown list from where user should select the area as criteria. As result of this sql command is changed and I get new dataframe but it is not reflected in the layout (the number of rows is same as the first call and is not changed. When print new situation ( in my case generated 6 rows) it seems that Kor_row element is updated but is not shown in app. (see right part of img0)
In attachment is reduced code od 2nd stage.
What i am missing?

Untitled5.ipynb (12.4 KB)

One question more: when is expected to be realised the new version of panel.

Any sugestions?

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Hi @gorkir

I tried to take a look. But I need a simpler starting point. The problem is that the notebook uploaded has a lot of code but still is not something that can run.

It would make it simpler and more possible to help if you could try to make a small, reproducible example and just post it as code in a post below.