Updating pn.widgets.TextInput from CustomJS

I’m trying to use CustomJS with a bokeh.models DataTable in order to update the text displayed in a pn.widgets.TextInput.

If I pass the value of the TextInput as an argument to the CustomJS callback, in the Chrome browser developer tools console, I can see whatever log entries I set with console.log()

callback = CustomJS(args = dict(source = source, text_row = text_row.value), code = source_code)

However, if the only thing I change is to pass the TextInput object instead:

callback = CustomJS(args = dict(source = source, text_row = text_row), code = source_code)

Then the CustomJS does not run and I don’t see any log outputs.

Either way, the TextInput doesn’t update with the new value I try to set in the javascript code.

As an aside, when I was using Bokeh’s TextInput instead of Panel’s, I was able to update the TextInput that appeared in the widget, but that values wasn’t being passed back to my python object to use in the rest of the code.

If this isn’t enough information to understand what may not be right, I can try to come up with a minimum complete example, but I haven’t had a chance to do that yet.