Use panel serve without notebook name in URL?


I’m trying to use panel serve notebook.ipynb --address --port 5006 to spin up a panel app.

The app comes up at Is it possible to instead serve the app at instead (without the “notebook” in the URL)?

I know it is possible with panel.serve() within a script, but want to do this via CLI.



I’m trying to do the same thing… I need panel.state.headers and it looks like they don’t come through via the API call…

Have you figured it out? If yes, please post.

Hi Jared,

I haven’t figured it out yet. I tried changing the name of the notebook to index.ipynb and that seems to help a bit, but no solution beyond that.

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I don’t think you can do this without using panel.serve inside the python file.

But I think it would be very useful. Maybe the functionality could be added if you opened a feature request on the Bokeh Github? (panel serve is standing on the shoulders of bokeh serve).

And if you are there anyways feel free to upvote my request to also serve at suburls like /gallery/image-classifier. Bokeh Github #9671 :+1: