Using latest Bokeh-dev with Panel

Is it possible to use the latest bokeh-dev release (2.3.0dev12) with Panel?

I’m trying to test a jscallback with the MultiSelect, which had a bug that I believe is fixed with the dev release of Bokeh.

However, when I install the latest Panel (0.11.1a8) and Bokeh (2.3.0dev12) and run the following code in a Notebook:

import panel as pn

ms = pn.widgets.MultiSelect(options=[1,2,3,4])

I get the following error in the browser console:

Bokeh: ERROR: Unable to run BokehJS code because BokehJS library is missing

I’ll be pushing out Panel 0.10.4 and Panel 0.11.0a10, which will both require Bokeh 2.3 this week. For now you can work off Panel master.

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