`value` vs `value_input` of TextInput

I need help regarding TextInput docs TextInput — Panel v1.2.0. It says value is updated when pressing key, but I find it is actually updating when I click other area outside the widget too. Is the docs incomplete yet about this?

There is also value_input which is updated on every keypress. Is there situation where we still want to use value? Because it seems value_input can cover all scenario where value is used.

If you trigger on every keypress, it may result in invalid queries.

As an example, I use text input here to search for a name and its history.

If would fail 90% of the time, or overload the server, if it was based on value_input because if the query was something like SELECT * FROM names WHERE name == ?
“A” → would return no results
“An” → maybe would return some results
“And” → would probably return no results

But yes, the docs can be improved to mention that clicking outside the box would trigger value.

I’ve made a PR to fix the docs issues Make text widget value description more precise by MarcSkovMadsen · Pull Request #5270 · holoviz/panel (github.com).

Thank you for your reply ahuang11. I think it is quite clear there is still lots of use case where we prefer to use value.

Thank you also Marc for making the docs even clearer now.