Vertical stretch to fill browser

I have a panel app that looks roughly like:

def graph(...):
    return data.hvplot(responsive=True, min_height=300, ylim=(0, 100))

        pn.Row(... some selects...),

…but I can find no way to have the hvplot, the final item in the row, stretch to consume all the remaining vertical space in the browser Window. What am I missing?

It’s a regression in Bokeh unfortunately [BUG] Layout regression in panel introduced by PR #11123 · Issue #11188 · bokeh/bokeh · GitHub

I’m not sure: I see the same behaviour with Bokeh 2.3.0, and I can’t install boken<2.3 because I get a bunch of version conflicts from conda.

I did manage to downgrade using mamba instead of conda…
Unfortunately, my app doesn’t work with panels 0.10, and panels 0.11 appears to require bokeh 2.3?