A good example on Param class usage with dependable selectors

Hello folks, apologies for what potentially is a dumb question. I really appreciate awesome-panel resource created by @Marc and was wondering, if there was a good example somewhere on power usage of dashboard classes inherited from Parameterized. SPecifically, I am looking for examples where one parameter (selector) affects the choices in another parameter (selector)

I have seen the example in the Documentation, however I have a feeling it underused the Param functionality. I feel like it would be much cleaner to specify something like this:

versions_default = ['a','b','c']
class ReactiveDashboard(param.Parameterized):

    versions = param.List(default=versions_default)
    config_version = param.ObjectSelector(label='Config version',

instead of updating param['config_version'].objects property directly in a separate watch function without necessarily storing that objects list in a tidy container.

Any advice / pointers will be appreciated.



Hi @AntonBiryukovUofC

Welcome to the community. Iā€™m not sure I totally understand what you are trying to solve :slight_smile: But maybe the Selector instead of ObjectSelector is what you are looking for?