A map to help local policies to detect digital vulnerabilities

a small team will present what we have done so far. The project was to help to detect at city level/ departement level / regional level digital vulnarabilities.

It is not fully on production mode but I wanted to thanks you for all help you give me when you can. @philippjfr @Marc @Hoxbro @thoth291 @jbednar

There is still room for improvement but working on data side and panel side (sepcially the templating side) was not easy. :slight_smile:

I will update this post to share my experience. Feel free to ask !


Hi @slamer59

This is a really great example. Thanks for sharing.

I’ve added the example to the awesome-list at awesome-panel.org. It will be available next time I update the site.

If you would like it hosted at awesome-panel.org let me know.

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A few comments on the “user experience”.

I really like the organisation and details like the hover information.

The main thing I lack is some kind of progress indication. When ever the app updates it appears “dead” which makes me wonder if it is still working or not.

And some styling here would be nice

Thanks for your feedback.
I want to:

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