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Just a simple app-dashboard created with panel, holoviews. The original one in my computer includes a sankey diagram and colorpleth map but heroku doesn’t display them, (it doesn’t load cartopy at all) never mind just to show it to someone. Any suggestions advice would be nice!!!

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Hi @ignatios

Regarding the Heroku issue. My guess would be that you need to install the requirements, for example Cartopy, installed.

Thanks for sharing.

Hi Marc,
thanks for all the help you provide. On the issue of Cartopy, you probably mean the development through a dockerfile or something like that, but unfortunately I do not quite understand how this is done. I usually follow the examples I find and then modify them to cover my own cases. Maybe it would be nice if someone to give such an example of development so that I can copy it.
Anyway what I want to ask is …
as an individual I can use these amazing tools that someone else creates for free. In my spare time I like to create this kind of projects and I have build several of them.
For a living I work for the Ministry of Rural Development of Greece in which we are essentially running an EU program. If a supervisor likes this kind of projects and decided that we were going to present them as the Ministry’s output should we buy for example the commercial edition of Anaconda?

Thanks again.

Hi @ignatios

I am also just a user :wink: There should be no need to buy any software.

I don’t have lot of experience in deployment via Heroku. But I believe there is a pro file in which you can specify which packages to condo install. You should condo install cartopy among other.

@Marc - I am planning to share something I am working on here in the Showcase. I have noticed that you put in nice short screencapture videos of the the things you are working on. I was wondering what application you use to make them?

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I use Snagit. But @ea42gh is the real expert here on videos. Any suggestions?

not really expert!
I was forced into creating lecture videos due to the lockdowns:
I use obs, snagit, camtesia, DaVinci Resolve

obs: recoring utility: screen, camera, screen presets, audio filters (!)
snagit: useful for quick screen grabs, basic annotations, gif creation
camtesia: video editor, with many annotation capabilities
DaVinci Resolve: I mostly use it to clean up audio

For just some basic audio and video edits, I would be tempted to use
obs and kdenlive…