Access the color for the area outside of a holoviews plot

I am trying to build a simple app using holoviews and panel. The idea is to present some holoviews plots together. But in order to achieve something nice to viewing i need to change the (default) color of these areas of the plots that are shown in the following pic in the red eclipses, but i don’t know how. Anyone?

Hi @ignatios

Welcome to the community.

The areas you have marked are parts of the bokeh plots I believe. The style of bokeh plots can be changed via a Bokeh Themes

There are premade Themes here

You can also define your own themes. Exactly what goes into a theme I have not seen any nice documentation for. There is a discussion on why that documentation/ example is not there here

But you can get inspiration from the premade themes here

You can also find an interactive Bokeh theme builder via

If you are using Holoviews to create your plots, you can learn here how to use Bokeh Themes with HoloViews here

If possible please share the theme including the .json/ yaml definition and screenshots. It would be really cool. I don’t see so many custom Themes around. But they are really necessary to create a custom, awesome looking app.