Adapt / extend the Stumpy demo app so it works in a Notebook

Hi. I would like to iterate on / extend the very nice Stumpy demo here: [Awesome Panel - Stumpy](https://Stumpy Demo)

Inital goal is to make it usable in a Notebook as wel as via pn.serve, like most other Panel apps are, and then post the resulting .ipynb Notebook here / in the Discord Channel.

The existing code works in a Notebook cell, and outputs only the main graph (although squashed down to about 15 pixels high).

The slider works and updates the graph. But pressing any of the other buttons results in error: expected 1 positional argument, but got 2.

Any suggestions on what is going wrong there? What code can I run to inspect the value(s) being passed to the functions when I press the button, so I can see what is being passed from a button to the function?

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I think more info is needed. Like a minimum, reproducible example.

Hi Marc thanks. l ran the code in the .ipynb in the link above using Colab, but I will run it again now that 1.4 is out to make sure, although I think it should make a difference.

Should NOT make a difference I meant :slight_smile: