Add browser tab title without template title


I am trying to add a browser tab title but it seems i there is no Parameter for that except for adding a title.

Do we have any suggestion that i can add a browser tab title without a template title?

Kind regadrs

Would that work for you?

import panel as pn

pn.panel('# Test').servable(title='My app')
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Hi Maximlt

Thanks for your answer, that works for me.

And i was using a dark template(Any template is ok), Do you if there is any way that I can still add only the browser tab title without adding the template title in the header?

Kind regards

I’ve had a brief look at that and I don’t think there’s currently a way to separate setting the title in the template header from the HTML title (which is what gets displayed in the browser tab). Do you mind opening a feature request on Panel’s GitHub?

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get it, I will do it.

Great thanks for you help on this topic.

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