Advice on integrating panel and quarto

Hi I have a panel app I like that serves Australian electricity related price and volume data. I run it using cloudflare and it has its own domain. Speaking as a retired, senior investment bank analyst who seeks to put something back into the decarbonisation debate, I’d like to congratulate the Holoviz team on a great technology.

As a result of reading about Quarto right here on the Holoviz I started a Quarto website where I keep my analysis blog. In fact right now it’s hosted at ITK . I link to the Panel app via an href and in the panel app I link back to the site by an href in the sidebar.

Both apps are using Bootstrap. Of course I could use an Iframe but I suspect there must be a better way? Quarto can have tabs and jupyter cells. The panel figures I display, updated weekly, take about 10 seconds to load because the code is very far from optimised. Anyhow if anyone has any random thoughts on how to better combine these two wonderful technologies I’d be grateful.

I think you can probably speed up your run time with onload.

See Personal opinions about best practices for Panel + HoloViews

Thank you. I had read that post previously. In this project the biggest time saving so far was resampling one figure from half hourly to daily prior to drawing the graph. Graph looks identical but drawn much faster. Setting the lazy option for each tab also improved the startup time, but I’d still like to do better. I’ll try that onload function you used.

Try pn.ParamFunction too with the lazy option (replacing the bind option). I don’t think it’s documented well though panel/panel/ at c47d645f13948b92664ea0c4b9f4c3bdd5d53144 · holoviz/panel (

panel/panel/ at c47d645f13948b92664ea0c4b9f4c3bdd5d53144 · holoviz/panel (

I have used defer_load and it has indeed improved the user experience immediately. As of now and running on a modern mac studio with loads of ram (an ex investment banking analyst’s indulgence) the program loads at a good pace with a sufficiently acceptable user experience that I might start to make it more widely available. Things are continuing to look up.

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