Advice on Panel data review and release app?

I’d like to prototype a small data review and release app in Panel and while I’m well familiar with Dashboarding in Panel I’ve never written a transactional app that stores writes to the DB.

It should look similar to the UI draft below, but doesn’t have to look exactly like that, e.g. it could be a table. The data points are in a DB already, and this app is to manage “is_published” state for the data points (ca 30 data points with daily frequency, some missing data and outliers).

Looking for your advice on what components to use here! Tabulator or some other existing components or create something custom?

Does anyone have working examples for any CRUD or transactional Panel apps that write to a DB that I could learn from?

Would you recommend Panel here or some other app framework?

In the end we’ll build this in our standard tech stack .NET / React, but we need the exploratory cycle to figure out the UI and business logic, e.g. depending on data content we might want to create stable median trends signals or have more automatic or manual outlier cleaning, it needs some experimentation and quick iteration for a few days.

Tabulator probably works

Maybe this could be useful

Have you tried SQLAlchemy? I haven’t used it in Panel, but I’ve used it in Flask, FastAPI, and Streamlit for CRUD applications. It works pretty well.