Advice on which layout type to use

Hi All, I’m very new to Panel and just starting out on my first project. Been trying to get the rough skeleton done for the first screen (screen capture) but keep running into walls with the layout…

Can you provide some tips on what component(s) I should use ??

For privacy reasons, I had to obscure some of the lines…

Red lines = Static Text
Green circles = Dynamic values from variables
Blue circles = Tooltip help for the user
Rows with Light green, Purple, Blue lines = Individual Charts which i’m ok for now


Welcome to the community!

I’m not sure what your question is, exactly. Could you maybe describe two or more alternatives you are deciding between, or focus on your current implementation and just say precisely what you’d like to behave differently than it currently does?

I’m having trouble getting the exact layout. I’ve tried GridBox, FlexGrid, and Column/Row … one of the main issues is i’m not able to set spanned columns or control the width of a column using a % of the total width.

I’m considering using the Markdown and go full custom