Anaconda Problem To Install Geoviews 1.8.2 on Ubuntu 18.04


I changed my OS from CentOS 8 to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. Unfortunately, I can not install the Geoviews 1.8.2 on the Ubuntu 18.04. I have tried to use the newest anaconda version (, then type “conda install -c pyviz geoviews=1.8.2” but it still not success.

Futhermore, if I type “conda install -c pyviz geoviews” then the Geoviews that installed in my Ubuntu is 1.5.0…

Please help to solve this issue. Thank you in advance

I’d try Miniconda, or else uninstall the anaconda metapackage, which pins various packages to versions not compatible with geoviews.

Thank you for your comment, I have succeeded to install Geoviews 1.8.2 using the latest miniconda.

But, when I check the Geoviews version using gv.version, then I obtain “Geoviews type: 0.0.0+g19602f53-gitarchive”. Is this version normal?

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