Annotations in screen coordinates?

How can i put some text over my plot and not have to fiddle with it to get it at the same screen coordinate location? I only see how to do it in data coordinates.

gap = [5,4,3,9,4, 6, 2, 9, 11, 7, 11]

# compute correlation coefficient
r = pd.DataFrame(gap).reset_index().corr().loc['index',0]

# make scatter plot
scat = (pd.DataFrame(gap)
          .hvplot.scatter(ylabel='years between\nUSA recessions', 
                          xlabel='recession number\n (larger = more current)', 
                          height=300, width=300))

# add regression line and correlation coefficient
* scat 
* hv.Text(x=0, y=13, 
          text=f'{r = :.2f}', 


Bokeh does not currently support a mode letting you place things that way. It’s implemented in Redesign canvas, painting, positioning and UI events by mattpap · Pull Request #12083 · bokeh/bokeh · GitHub , but that’s not due until Bokeh 3.1 at least. Bokeh 3.0 is imminent, but supporting that in HoloViz will take time, so I don’t think this functionality (useful as it would be) will appear soon.