App stopped working with Panel 's latest version (updated with conda June 23rd)

The app in this repo was working as of last week prior to the update.
Below is a gif showing functionality when deployed directly from the notebook using .show() jsut before the update:

When I tried that after the update, I get this error in the notebook:

The Binder version, which was also working previously, now does not work at all.

I get the same error after upgrading to Panel 0.9.6 and and Bokeh 2.1.0 yesterday. The app still runs in jupyter notebook, but I can’t serve it to a browser window using .show(). I updated a virtual environment with pip install panel --upgrade (MacOS Catalina 10.15.2).

This was a regression in bokeh 2.1.0, try upgrading to bokeh 2.1.1.

Thanks, @philippjfr ! That fixed the problem.

after a bit of struggle with the other dependencies, this seems to have fixed it! Thanks @philippjfr