Authenticating using Generic provider in panel v1.3.4

I am unfortunate to share that there’s still an issue when authenticating using the generic provider. When I want to extract the access_token using pn.state.access_token, an error occurs when falling into the decode_token(access_token) method where it seems the access_token in my case does not need to be decoded again as it is well received when calling self._decode_cookie('access_token').

In short, the version works well if I comment the last 3 lines of the following method in

    def access_token(self) -> str | None:
        Returns the OAuth access_token if enabled.
        if self.user in self._oauth_user_overrides and 'access_token' in self._oauth_user_overrides[self.user]:
            return self._oauth_user_overrides[self.user]['access_token']
        access_token = self._decode_cookie('access_token')
        if not access_token:
        # decoded_token = decode_token(access_token)
        # if decoded_token['exp'] <=
        #     return None
        return access_token

Let me know if I can assist on this. Thank you for the prompt upgrade.

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Thanks and sorry about the regressions but please file a new issue!