Authentication with Azure

I am trying to authenticate my Panel web application using azure with the following CLI (* sign will hide the information):

python -m panel serve --show --port 8000 --oauth-key="***" --oauth-secret="***" --oauth-extra-params="{'tenant':****'}" --oauth-redirect-uri="http://localhost:8000"

The issue is that I should be expecting like the Microsoft page to pop out and ask the user to fill in their credentials so that it redirects to the Panel dashboard. Shouldn’t it work that way? In my case, it’s serving and showing the app directly to the app. Is there like a configuration or an authentication file I need to fill like in bokeh? I’ve been looking for a lot of examples; some are more confusing than others.

Would appreciate your assistance on this.

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Hi simonay, I’m guessing you already tried this?
Authentication — Panel v0.14.4 (

Protect API in API Management using OAuth 2.0 and Azure Active Directory - Azure API Management | Microsoft Learn

Hi @ahuang11 , thanks for reaching out. I just discovered that what I’m working on is actually the generic type of provider and I’m currently passing the required fields. I’m somehow stumbled against --cookies-secret. I’m getting an error 404.

I passed the authorization url and token url in the --extra-params. According to the http path, I am reaching to a “/login” stage but nothing is being displayed due to the error. Nothing is being displayed in the CLI. Hope you can help with that!