Auto-ranging y-axis on a DynamicMap with RangeX

I understood that I can use framewise=True on a DynamicMap to auto-range axes. And, for a simple case (see code below), this works.

However, the this does not seem to work for the case of RangeX stream. How can I autoscale y-axis in this case?

I am on holoviews 1.16.2.


import holoviews as hv
import panel as pn

def simple_function(x_range):
    if isinstance(x_range, tuple):
        # for RangeX
        x0,x1 = x_range
        # for the slider
        x0 = x_range
        x1 = 1-x0
    dx = x1-x0
    x = [x0,(x0+x1)/2,x1]
    y = [0,1/dx,0]
    c = hv.Curve((x,y))
    c.opts(ylim=(0, 1.2/dx)) 
    return c

# simple case with a slider
slider = pn.widgets.FloatSlider(value=0,start=0,end=0.5,step=0.01)
dm = hv.DynamicMap(pn.bind(simple_function, slider))
pn.Column(slider, dm)
# works

# with RangeX
dm = hv.DynamicMap(
dm.opts(framewise=True) # does not solve
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Following the answer by @Mana, it appears to be a known bug, but relatively easily fixed by applying options to individual elements of the dynamic map, in this case dm.opts(hv.opts.Curve(framewise=True)). Thanks