Awesome Analytics Apps Template

I’ve been working a bit on an easy to use starter template for Bokeh, Ipywidgets and Panel apps. Something that will make it really easy for me and you to develop apps with the look and feel of no matter if you are using Bokeh, Jupyter Ipywidgets or Panel.

Thanks to the great work from many of you in 2020 this is now possible to create.

It is alpha state. I will use it in production but I expect the api to develop fast for the coming period.

Check out the intro on youtube

TRY OUT THE TEMPLATE. You can find the repo and instructions here

Any feedback is very appreciated.

FYI. @philippjfr, @nghenzi, @Hoxbro, @Jhsmit


Looks great! I am trying it out now!
Where do you want minor feedback such as change: line 53: source .venv/bin/activate (bash)

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Feedback as bugs or feature request in the github repo would be much appreciated. Thanks

This does not seem to fit either: invoke site.serve launched 4 tabs in firefox:

Result: (firefox) no content, with console errors
Cross-Origin Request Blocked: The Same Origin Policy disallows reading the remote resource at (Reason: CORS request did not succeed)

Result: (chrome) opening a corresponding tab in chrome succeeds.

Do you want to see this type of feedback?

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Yes. And especially something with info on os, versions, steps, images or .gif videos.

Some of those bugs sound quite surprising :grinning:

I`ve been using the templates and commands for months on windows in Chrome and Firefox without seeing those problems. And also on iphone and tablet w. Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

Anything that could be improved is nice to learn about.