Awesome-panel-cli - best in class developer experience

I want to make the developer experience of Panel best in class for data apps. To do that I started a new project awesome-panel-cli.

It is in ALPHA. Not ready for production. But try it out and let me know if you think it could be useful.


pip install awesome-panel-cli[all]

Repository: awesome-panel/awesome-panel-cli


I like the sound of this a lot will give it a whirl

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I see you have commands like test, release, build and autoformat in the alpha version. These look very similar to what pyctdev does and feels kind of out of scope of what a specific CLI for Panel should offer in my humble opinion. Our experience with pyctdev is that it often comes into the way of developers instead of helping them as it’s an additional layer to learn, while they are already better tools out there that do a similar thing (tox/nox/etc.). Maybe you don’t want to build pyctdev v2, or if you do, good luck! :wink: The other commands look interesting!

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There are reasons for autoformat, release, build and autofromat. There are also plans for docker and deploy commands.

The CLI will enable creating Panel projects quickly and end to end including package deployment and deployment to azure and other places.

These commands are also needed to power the growing list of awesome-panel repositories awesome-panel ( And would be useful for anyone else trying to build a Panel extension package or or project with deployment of apps.

You can see the things I plan to do here Issues · awesome-panel/awesome-panel-cli.