Awesome Panel Extensions Guide

On the back of @haishiro’s question How to create a self contained custom panel I’ve started writing the Awesome Panel Extensions Guide.

I’ve added @haishiro’s example as a reference example to the subsection on Composed Extensions

Any comments and suggestions are very welcome. As I have not seen this described in detail before, so for me it’s like discovering and inventing a new structure and terminology.

If you already have it/ understand it, then I would like to avoid reinventing the wheel.

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The current roadmap is


  • Get to stable alpha state.
  • More examples
  • How to Test
  • How to Debug
  • How to Live Reload
  • How to use VS Code efficiently to develop extensions
  • How to use frameworks like React, Vue and maybe Angular
  • How to pre-build your bokeh based extensions.
  • How to deploy as conda package
  • Tips & Tricks
  • FAQ

These are things that I currently don’t know. So any comments, suggestions, links or code snippets you can share would be very much appreciated.

For me it looks like the use cases for Panel so far have been creating end products like dashboards and apps.

I see libraries of Panel Extensions as a natural, emerging use case as our use cases, code base and knowledge increases. The libraries can be private for just your work or shared across the community.

As the Panel Extensions use case is new (to anyone but Panel contributors) I think this use case is not fully supported in the current design of Panel. I’ve created a few issues on Github in this regard.

and there is new WebComponent pane that I need published some where (See PR on WebComponent) to more easily support Panel extensions with bidirectional communication.

I’ve updated the documentation based on some discussions on Github

Check it out at