Axis label rotation when boxplot is grouped by multiple values

I am trying to rotate the labels of the second level of boxplot axis and I can not find a proper option for it. The labels are overlapping so I want them to be horizontally-oriented. Can you give me any advice?

Here is the overview of the problem:

Hi, you can try to turn your plot into a bokeh figure with :

p = hv.render(your_plot)

Then change the value of the group_label_orientation like that :


You can see the result importing the show function :

from bokeh.plotting import show

If that doesn’t work, please provide a reproducible example. Il will be easier for me to help you.


@AurelienSciarra This works for the Bokeh plot but what if the Bokeh plot is part of an interactive visualization? Updating the embedded Bokeh plot does not affect how the interaction works using something like where ds is a Holoviews Dataset instance and the Bokeh plot is embedded.