Blank Holomap

I am trying to run the example here: . I cannot get it to display. Result is blank output. I can get a single Curve with the usual methods, but not the one with the pull down menu.

Happens using jupyter notebook (or jupyter lab). Versions are as follows of holoviews, panel, bokeh, param, jupyter:

# Name                    Version                   Build  Channel
holoviews                 1.13.2                     py_0
bokeh                     2.0.1                    py37_0
panel                     0.9.3                      py_0
param                     1.9.3                      py_0
jupyter                   1.0.0                    py37_7
jupyter_client            6.1.2                      py_0
jupyter_console           6.1.0                      py_0
jupyter_core              4.6.3                    py37_0
jupyterlab                1.2.6              pyhf63ae98_0
jupyterlab_server         1.1.0                      py_0

Try upgrading to Panel 0.9.5.

That did solve it.

Note: I had just installed holoviews from the regular conda channel, so maybe you can get that version of panel over there.

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