BokehTornado, Nginx, and SSL on DigitalOcean

Hi all,
While I can’t say I recommend this as a first step into cloud hosting (Heroku is way better for that), I have worked my way through an IaaS deployment strategy which I believe is relatively user-friendly.

(Emphasis on relatively. If you’re not otherwise interested in learning about Docker containers, reverse proxies, or SSL certificates, this will be… a headache!)

For those who are interested, the relevant places to check out are:

  1. (an example end result)
  2. (the associated repo, which does not yet have README :shushing_face:)
  3. (a README outlining a very similar deployment, which should give some key hints)
  4. (a brief post touching on some of the design considerations)

What this approach does not include is CI/CD, and I’d be happy for any suggestions at to the best way to incorporate that. That being said, as a single maintainer, ssh’ing into the cloud server to git pull changes is relatively low-stress.

Certainly welcome any and all critiques and follow-up questions. Hope these resources may be of use to others.