Broken links in panel announcement page

The original announcement of Panel is almost 5 years old, but it’s still a very good rundown of why Panel is so valuable. In fact, it’s still linked by the current Getting Started documentation.

(Links below are not allowed for me, evidently “new users can only put two links in a post”.)

In the Flexible APIs section, some links are (now) broken, including just a few lines of Python code] and the Panel user guide.

Of course links don’t last forever, and maybe it’s nitpicky, but given that the announcement is “still current” in some sense, maybe it’s worth fixing? I think especially the “just a few lines of Python code” is great marking for all of HoloViz.


Thx. I took a look. The source is here.

There are a lot of things that have changed since the original announcement including features and documentation. I believe it would require changing the text of the original announcement to be able to include meaningful links today.

The source is here if anyone is interested in making a PR.