Can dynamic Tabs trigger Progress active on change of tab?

import holoviews as hv
import panel as pn
tabs = pn.Tabs(hv.Curve([0, 1, 2]), hv.Curve([0, 1, 5]), dynamic=True)
progress = pn.widgets.Progress(active=False)
tabs.jslink(progress, active='active')  # probably incorrect
pn.Column(progress, tabs)

Hi @ahuang11

Can write a little bit more about the intention?

Why do you want the progress to show active on changing a Tab?
- Should the progress be active only while the new tab loads?

Yup, you got it.

The example loads too quickly, but below, you can see that it just blanks out while the dynamic tab is loading. (1)

Ahh. So you want to inform the user that the tab is loading.

It would actually be pretty usefull to have as a default. Maybe shown directly in the tab?

By the way your app looks awesome.

One question. Have you tried without dynamic=True and is that too slow to load?

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Yes, maybe the dynamic tabs can show a spinning GIF inplace while it loads?

Thanks! Still working on adding a few additional features before release :smiley:

If I tried dynamic=False, the initial load time during startup is not ideal (about 3 seconds per each tab * 7 = 21 seconds + other startup time)

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@philippjfr my guess is that you would be the one who knows if this is currently solvable in Panel.