Can xarray dimension names with special-chars be utilized?

Having xarray datastructures as the source for panel + holoviews GUIs is awesome.
One great thing is, that Dimension names are broadcasted directly from the xarray.

But if xr DataVariables names are have special chars involved like my_dataset/mean, I cannot do things like:, 2), y=(3, 4))
# or,2), another_xr_dim=(3,4))

as a dimension would have the name,2), my_dataset/mean=(3,4))

which of course raises a syntax error.

I don’t know how to rename the dimension (same problem as above) like:

curve.redim(no good/name='name_without_special_character')

Is there a way to treat with that or do I have to change all the names in the xarrays to have no special chars?

It’s more awkward but this is valid:**{'my_dataset/mean': (3, 4)})
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