Cannot access Panel application on same network from a different device

So deploying a panel application on my local device is fine, however I want to be able to share it with others on the same local WIFI network.

I found this Discourse post, and configured my pn.serve to include websocket_origin=["*"] and port=80. For extra measure when calling panel serve I also passed in the flag --address to access it from localhost. However, even after turning off my local firewalls and checking my firewall inbound/outbound rules, I still cannot access the application, simply getting a localhost refused to connect message. The server by default spins up using port 5006 by the way, where to access the app I type localhost:5006/app into the browser which works fine on my device.

I tried both localhost, localhost:5006/app and even localhost:80/app to no avail, so now I am quite stumped how I can serve my panel application so that it is accessible from other devices on the same WIFI network. Any thoughts?

Can you try for address?

So typing panel serve --address doesn’t even load the address I get the following page:

Trying panel serve --address or panel serve --address --port 80 returns the log message:

Starting Bokeh server version 3.1.1 (running on Tornado 6.3.2)
ERROR: 11001

Were you recommending I do something else when launching the server?

Your supposed to access it at simply means any address. (localhost) is local on your computer only and not reachable via a network.
You need to start the server on a proper local ip that’s routeable.
Then you’ll also need to open a hole in the local FW to allow connections originating from external to this IP+port.

What OS are you running? Easiest usually is to just start it with the same main IP of your computer (assuming you have no other webserver running) and use one of the standard webserver ports (like 80) that’s usually open across the network (but not usually on your workstation/PC,hence also need to open on yours for incoming)