Caretleft/caretright marker types

I’m trying to use the subject marker types with holoviews/bokeh to indicate a range. (think >----<)

I don’t see those types of markers as standard for Bokeh, but Scatter — HoloViews v1.18.3 says I can use any marker supported by matplotlib. I don’t understand how I can use matplotlib marker types with holoviews/bokeh, but these seem to work for the most part.

First I used marker types “<” and “>”, but the base of those is the center of the marker, so when they are very close they lay on top of each other rather than point-to-point (I want ><).

So I then switched to “caretleft” and “caretright”. These supposedly have a base at the left/right tip of the marker. Those didn’t plot.

So then I used “4” and “5” (alternate names for the above), but “5” doesn’t work. I changed “5” to “x” for kicks, and now the leftcaret and the x seem “based” on their center… so i feel like leftcaret is not actually based on the left point.

Any suggestions about how to get what I’m looking for? Thanks!

I think you can use markers supported by matplotlib with HoloViews matplotlib backend, but not matplotlib for HoloViews bokeh backend.