Changing the orientation of text labels of Chord diagram in Holoviews

Is there a way in Holoviews to change the orientation of the label text of a chord diagram in order to avoid rotations that flip the label text upside down in the left semicircle (see picture)?

This is my script so far:
import pandas as pd
import holoviews as hv
from holoviews import opts, dim

hv.output(fig=‘svg’, size=500)

connections = pd.read_csv(folder)

nodes = pd.read_csv(folder)

chord_plot = hv.Chord(connections)

nodes_dataset = hv.Dataset(nodes, ‘index’)

chord_with_labels = hv.Chord((connections, nodes_dataset)).opts(opts.Chord(labels=‘name’))

styled_chord = hv.Chord((connections, nodes_dataset)).opts(opts.Chord(cmap=‘Category20’, edge_color=dim(‘source’).astype(str), labels=‘name’, node_color=dim(‘index’).astype(str)))

(chord_plot + chord_with_labels + styled_chord).cols(3) + chord_with_labels + styled_chord), folder\chord_diagram.html’)