ChatInterface pb: does not return and/or kernel dies

Trying to instantiate ChatInterface() currently results in one of two problems:

  • the call hangs
  • the kernel dies

Tried to use different version combinations to no avail. Current version set
jupyter-lab: 4.1.2
python: 3.12.2
panel 1.3.8
holoviews 1.18.3
param 2.0.2

I also tried panel 1.4.0b1.post1+g67377d78
which yielded

Bokeh: BokehJS was loaded multiple times but one version failed to initialize.
VM314:53 Panel: ERROR: Unable to run Panel code because Bokeh or Panel library is missing

with panel 1.3.8, I get the following:

I am pulling ChatInterface out of the library to try and figure out the problem.
pyhon bitterly complains about bitwise or | instead of or in statements like
instance: "ChatInterface" | None = None

A bit further: The code hangs in ChatInterface in
super().__init__(*objects, **params)
on to ChatFeed

Can you try a lower version of Python?

Just tried python 3.10.12
There it works! :frowning:

Any better option besides installing two versions of python?

All I know right now is that the code calls the super() method of ChatFeed six times
and does not return from one of them.

Not sure what was changed in Python 3.12 for ChatInterface to break; can you file a bug report on Panel? I’ll investigate