Combine legends of gv.Path and gv.Points


I am plotting a “line” with gv.Path and I plot with the same data using gv.Points, to have Points overlayed on this line.

Here is the code :

    track_plot = gv.Points(track_gdf, vdims=["wind_speed (m/s)", "date"]).opts(
        color="wind_speed (m/s)", cmap=high_cmap, size=10, tools=["hover"], clim=(0, 80), line_color="black",


    track_path_plot = gv.Path(track_path, vdims=["wind_speed (m/s)", "date"],
                              label="Cyclone ATCF interpolated track").opts(
        color="black", tools=["hover"], line_width=3, show_legend=True)

Plotting the data works fine.

I would like that the legend indicates something like this : sin

Is it possible ?

Thanks !

If you set label="Cyclone ATCF interpolated track" for track_plot it should work

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Oh great it works ! I was sure I tried this before without success. Thanks for your help !