Comprehensive interactive petrophysical analysis workflow using python’s Panel and Param

We have created a GitHub repository that contains all of the python code and methods for a Comprehensive interactive Petrophysical analysis workflow using python’s Panel and Param libraries for both a Jupyter Notebooks or as python loglans in a complete Geolog project that is in a zip format.

Most of our Petrophysical analysis require the setting of numerous parameter values to obtain our desired results. Normally, we set those parameters, but it is difficult to test your parameter values and the sensitivity of those values. Now, we are using Panel widgets slide bars to set the values and have matplotlib plots that react real time to the slider values. This allows the user to better set these values and understand the amount of real time change in the results as you vary your parameters. This has been very well received on LinkedIn.


The actual application with data can be found in our GitHub repository:


Thanks for sharing this is great!