Confused by warning on usage of dynamic=False in `.to`

I am updating some old code in a library of mine that takes a generic xarray DataArray/Dataset, converts it to a geoviews Dataset and then call:, kdims=["longitude", "latitude"], vdims=vdims, dynamic=dynamic)

Where dynamic comes from the user. The issue is the logged warning:

Setting non-parameter attribute dynamic=False using a mechanism intended only for parameters

As best I can tell this is because dynamic is a groupby kwarg, but in this particular case where groupby isn’t used (Dataset dims equal len(kdims)). I’ve seen through various other discussions, stackoverflow questions, and issues that for style-related kwargs there are other options, but with this actual operation keyword argument I’m not aware of another way to pass this dynamic keyword argument without assuming some inner operations of holoviews/geoviews (ex. check number of dims of data before passing dynamic or not passing it). How do I avoid this warning while still handling generic input data and user provided arguments?